Sharing Your Faith

The next step in your spiritual journey is sharing your faith. There are many ways to share the saving grace of Jesus, but it is your story that will make an impact. What is your story of coming to God, including your life before?

There are many organizations that can help with your efforts to share the gospel with others, such as Who’s Your One, which will encourage you to share your faith with one person (co-worker, neighbor, family member). Also look into the 3 Circles: Life Conversation Guide and app.

But the important thing is to speak up. Look for opportunities to steer a conversation to spiritual questions. And be intentional with starting conversations with strangers, asking questions about them that will cause them to think eternally.

Full-Time Ministry – Do you think you are called to pursue full-time ministry?

Resources are available to help you with your decision, such as Called, a website of the Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Spiritual Growth

Some steps in your spiritual growth include visiting our church for the first time, reading the Bible, checking out quality resources on our Resources page, accepting Christ as your personal Savior, getting baptized, starting to attend regularly, attending our Hillcrest All in membership class, attending a discipleship class like As For Me and My House, joining a life group, getting involved in a ministry (volunteer form), or recommitting your life to Christ after a lull.

Has your first love grown cold and lost the excitement of when you first accepted Christ as your savior? Remember when you couldn’t wait to tell everyone the good news you found? And you read the Bible cover to cover. The honeymoon may be over, but you can have a deep love for God. Realizing you have grown somewhat cold is the first step in realizing you need to do something. Know the assurance that Jesus still loves you. Open the Bible, talk to a mature believer, listen to songs based on scripture. Ask God for help so that you are not trying to do something on your own.

Another way to grow would be to take an online class, such as For The Church Institute from the Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, or from Dallas Theological Seminary on the Book of Hebrews or from other sources listed in our Resources/Links section.