Adult Life Groups

Connecting with someone in a small group is important as we experience this journey of life as Christians.  Below is a listing of our Life Groups, and you are invited to attend any of them you choose no matter what your age.

  • Millennials Reign: This is a life group that is designed to disciple men and women who are just beginning a new, exciting chapter in their lives called adulthood. For some, this looks like college or vocational school. For others, this looks like a new career. For others, this looks like marriage and even parenthood. This life group is led by Pete Jemes, who is passionate about teaching the word of God. The studies are topical and relevant to everyday life. Additionally, Grant Kinnett is a valuable part of this group, serving as the activities director and coordinator. We meet in Room 201.
  • S.W.A.G.: This fun-loving life group would be thrilled to have you join their discipleship adventure. They are busy raising children of all ages from toddlers to teenagers. They love to engage in topical studies that relate to navigating life as Christians in the 21st century. They also like to hang out together and have fun, especially during the Super Bowl and March Madness. You will also find them serving together when opportunities arise. Come to this life group and find out what S.W.A.G. is all about. We meet in the Fellowship Hall.
  • Thrive: This new life group is for adults who are on the downslope of raising children and ready to seek new adventures. They are firmly committed to their families, careers, and their faith. These folks grew up during changing times (both socially and technologically) and now they are committed to growing spiritually and relationally. Thrive is still looking for a great adventure and is willing to roll up its sleeves and get after it. We meet in the Family Life Center.
  • Keepers: This is a group with lots of life experiences that loves the study of the Word of God. They are led by an excellent Bible teacher in Nick Salsman. They love to hang out together and have great times of fellowship, and you don’t have to twist their arms very hard to hear all about their grandkids. They use Lifeway’s Exploring the Bible curriculum. We meet in Conference Room 1.
  • F.H.F.: This long-running life group is led by former coach, Don Copling, and uses Lifeway Bible Studies for Life. Coach Copling is very adept at using a discussion-based teaching method. If you’ve got some mileage behind you in the marathon of life, but still are busy running the race, and you’re looking for a consistent, solid group of Christ-followers to run alongside you, this life group might be for you. We meet in Room B3.
  • Rooted: This multi-generational life group loves missions and that’s reflected in their emphasis on learning Bible stories. They are led by one of Hillcrest’s most gifted, humble teachers, Dale Baker. Dale uses Lifeway Bible Studies for Life and then this life group uses what they learn in their daily lives. They are a wonderful, supportive group that is committed to spiritual growth. We meet in Room B2.
  • Glory Bound: This is one of our most social life groups. This life group knows all the help at Mcdonald’s on a first-name basis. They have excellent leadership as Richard Cunningham takes them through Lifeway Exploring the Bible each week. If you are looking for a fun-loving group of retirees who love Jesus and each other check out Glory Bound. We meet in the Choir Room.
  • Truth Seekers: This multi-generational life group is serious about studying and practicing spiritual disciplines. They are led by Rod Everage who has a great passion for understanding the Word of God on a deeper level and applying it to daily life. They are a life group of committed prayer warriors who truly minister to one another as well as the larger body of Christ. If you are looking to grow and develop in your spiritual walk, come and check out truth seekers. We meet in Room 201C.
  • Women of Grace: Women of Grace is a lively life group of lovely women who use Lifeway Exploring the Bible in their weekly studies. Linda Morrow and Debby Sutter provide excellent leadership and scholarship as they lead this life group. If you are retired and would enjoy a grounded, Christ-centered ladies’ Bible study, this may be the group for you. We meet in Conference Room 2.
  • Pathfinders: This Life Group is for adults with special learning needs. We use the LIfeway Access Bible study series. The topics often parallel (to our delight and God’s Glory) the messages preached by Pastor Brown. We seek to put into practice the biblical truths we learn each week to show the love of Jesus to others. This life group is led by Jane Bunch and JoAnn Lee and meets in the new library.

Kids Group

Trying to find something for the kids? Visit our children’s ministry page by clicking here.