Nursery (birth to 3 years old)

The Nursery provides a fun, safe, age-appropriate atmosphere for the little ones where they may listen to Bible songs and stories. Located past the restrooms and down the ramp, our Nursery is fully staffed and equipped for babies and toddlers.

In the unlikely event that we need to contact you during service, you will receive a text message requesting you quietly exit the sanctuary or your class and return to the nursery area.

  • Nursery is provided during the 9 a.m. Life Group/ Sunday School, a.m. service, p.m. service, and Wednesday night service.
  • Only parents/guardians may drop off/pick up the child.
  • Through the Kid’s Check-In process, each child receives a name tag and the parent receives a corresponding tag that must be presented at pick-up. A child will not be released to anyone without the corresponding tag, for safety purposes. Find information regarding the Child Registration and Check-In process here.
  • Child Protective Training is mandatory for EVERYONE involved with children.
  • If you wish to volunteer, talk to Deidra Edwards at